Personal Insurance In New Jersey

Life is full of unexpected moments, and the ones you aren’t looking forward to always seem to happen at the worst possible time. This is where insurance comes into play.

At the John Hill Agency, we make these unexpected moments a little less overwhelming with our protection and assistance, so that you can focus on the people that are most important to you when something negative occurs.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is more complex and emotional than one might think when it comes to a type of insurance. A home is one of the largest investments a person can ever make, but also where your family lives and plays.

The John Hill Agency understands the importance of protecting your home as much as possible, and the necessity to explain to homeowners that this is not a one size fits all policy.The variety in scope and the level of insurance coverage from one homeowners product to another is great.

The majority of homeowners insurance policies cover theft, fire, and liability, as well as the physical structure of the home and your personal property within that structure, while some insurance policies for the home can also cover personal property anywhere in the world and/or include personal liability coverage, which protects the insured from allegations of property damage or bodily injury due to negligence.


Auto Insurance

It’s imperative to have the right auto insurance coverage to properly protect you and your loved ones from the relentless dangers on the road. Car insurance protects the insured from liability resulting from a mistake or accident that causes injury to another person and/or their property. It can also cover damages to the vehicle via the following coverages.

  • Collision coverage pays for the damages to the insured’s car in the case of an accident or collision.
  • Comprehensive coverage will protect you from losses resulting from theft, fire, flood, hail damage, or vandalism damage.
  • Medical payments insurance can also be included in individual automobile policies, which enables the insured to have medical and funeral expenses covered after a car accident.

We understand all the differences in coverage throughout the varying auto insurance policies, including what will be appropriate and affordable for you and your family. We’ll be happy to do the extensive research for you, so you get what you need while you get more time to focus on the most important things in your life.


Umbrella Insurance

Depending on the lawsuit, an auto or homeowners’ liability settlement could potentially cost you the entirety of your financial assets. It is for those cases that you may want extra protection for your assets. That is exactly what an umbrella insurance policy provides.

An umbrella policy takes effect when you reach the limit on liability coverage included in your existing personal insurance policies. It can also cover you for additional types of claims, such as libel or slander.


Flood Insurance

You’ve likely heard cases of people not purchasing a flood insurance policy until after it’s too late. Unfortunately, this is all too common. The best time to get a flood insurance policy is now aka before you need one.

Property insurance unfortunately does not cover flood damage, so this is something you will need to purchase separately in order to be covered from flooding. Let us find the best policy for you based on your location and other variables so you can breathe a sigh of relief in the future.


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