Business Insurance In New Jersey

If you own a business, your focus should be completely geared towards the growth and success of it. Time shouldn’t be spent thinking about insurance and your concerns about risks and liabilities. They only act as a distraction from your goals. The John Hill Agency is here so your main focus will only be moving your business forward.

General Liability

General liability coverage is essential for any business insurance plan. It provides protection for businesses from allegations or lawsuits alleging negligence resulting in bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, or advertising liability. However, not all commercial general liability policies are the same, which is where we come in.

The John Hill Agency has the experience to tailor policies specifically to the needs of your small or large business. We’ll help connect you with the right coverage plan through our various insurance carriers, ensuring your business is protected.


Commercial Property

Commercial property insurance is the area of your commercial business plan that covers a business building, along with its inventory, contents and business interruption exposures.

No matter how large or small a building, we can create a commercial property insurance package that best suits the individual needs of your building and contents. No matter the type of building or its location, we can help cover it.


Commercial Auto

Whether you have a single truck or a fleet of vehicles, the John Hill Agency is here to make sure your business auto insurance needs are met.

It’s important that businesses, employees and vehicles are insured as needed to cover any physical damage, bodily injury, or property damage.


Professional Liability

We offer this specialized type of policy to protect a company or individual from claims or allegations arising out of negligent professional services. Standard General Liability policies specifically exclude professional liability claims, so adding this coverage is necessary if your business provides consulting, advisory or professional services to clients or patients.


Cyber Liability

Just about any organization that uses technology to do business faces cyber risk. It’s just how the world works nowadays. As it continues to become more complex and sophisticated, so do the threats we face. This is why every business and organization needs to be prepared with cyber liability insurance.

Cyber liability insurance can include data breach/privacy management coverage, multimedia/media liability coverage, extortion liability coverage, and network security coverage.


Workers’ Compensation

No matter the size, practically every business needs to have some type of workers compensation insurance. The reason employers purchase workers compensation coverage is to provide for or meet an obligation to their employees under a state’s insurance statutes.

Because every state has differing legislation regarding the necessity of worker’s compensation coverage, you want to work with people familiar with the law, such as the agents at the John Hill Agency.

In addition to being knowledgeable about requirements by law, our agents can help clients analyze their business to ensure the correct and most affordable premiums are being paid.


Commercial Flood Insurance

Most standard commercial package policies or business owners policies do not cover damage from flood water. A commercial flood insurance policy is designed to cover your business for any damages caused by flood water. Even better, this policy protects the location, which includes the materials and assets inside the business property.


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